Over the past 50 years of business adventures, Richard Branson and the Virgin Group have developed lots of entrepreneurial energy and resources to be used as a force for good.

One standout development took place back in 2004 when Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Branson Family, was created. The vision behind the organisation was to do as the name suggests – to unite communities globally and spur much needed change in the world. 

Virgin Unite is not about one single issue or one big campaign, but about a way of living and working that helps make people’s lives better – showing that business can, and must, be a force for good.  

Richard Branson’s brand new autobiography, #FindingMyVirginity, shares the story of how Virgin Unite came to be and highlights some of the incredible impact the organisation has made over the years – and this festive season we’re giving away limited edition packages of the autobiography.

But rather than winning the prize for yourself, we’d like you to tell us who you think deserves to win, and why? Nominate someone in the comments section below who you think deserves a treat and why – we’ll choose our favourite and send them a special package!

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